UTAU Ririanne

A mermaid and sea witch who closed her heart off. She lives in solitude, practicing her dark arts on the shore of the Baltic Sea. Anyone who wanders near her home is sent away in fear.

Japanese Natural VCV

D3, G3, C4, F4, A#4, D#5 (falsetto)

tn_fnds (D3 ~ C4)
TIPS (C4 ~ D#5)

Voice and Design
Lily Anne / nightmare

Oto Configuration

ck / k0urud0

Terms of Use

You cannot:
Claim her character or voicebank as yoursUse her character or voicebank to promote libel, slander, hate speech, and unlawful contentUse her character or voicebank for commercial purposes without contacting Lily Anne / nightmare firstRedistribute her voicebank - if her download link does not work, please contact nightmare at [email protected]
You can:
Adapt and change any aspects of her design, as long as she still resembles herselfAdapt and change her personality and canon settingUse the official artwork, as long as ck / k0urud0 is creditedUse her in R18 work, as long as she and the characters she is with with are portrayed as over eighteen years old